3 day travel itinerary in Amsterdam for families

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Hi! A few months ago I had the oportunity to visit some cities in Europe with my family, among them there was Amsterdam and today I’m going to show you the itinerary I followed – in which we managed to see everything we wanted in a really calm and nice way – on the three days we spent in this gorgeous city. I’ll soon make a post giving general tips about the town, but today I’m going to focus on the itinerary.

Summed up itinerary:

  • Day 1:
    • Anne Frank’s House;
    • Amsterdam Canal Cruise;
    • Vondelpark;
    • Dam Square;
    • Nationaal Monument;
    • Primark.
  • Day 2:
    • Van Gogh’s Museum;
    • Bloemenmarkt;
    • Kalverstraat;
    • Biking around town;
    • Magere Brug;
    • Begijnhof;
    • Body Worlds.
  • Day 3:
    • Rembrandt’s house;
    • Waterlooplein Markt;
    • Museumplein;
    • Rijksmuseum;
    • IAmsterdam;
    • Red Light District;
    • Bijenkorf.

Arrival: We arrived around 4pm, but, since it was winter, the sun was already going down. We made a quick snack at the airport Starbucks and we got a train to the Central Station, which was less than 5 minutes away – on foot – from the hotel (Avenue Hotel, I highly reccomend you check it out). After checking in and resting on the room for a few minutes, we got out of the hotel and walked around a little bit in the Dam area, the one we were staying at.

It is full of well-known stores, with all kinds of price points, but pretty much all of them close at around 6pm, so we walked to Dam Square, and to our surprise some source of christmas coral was happening, which was really nice. On the way back we stopped at Argentinos San Thomas to have dinner: a really nice place with a reasonable price.

Day one:

We started the first day at Anne Frank’s house, we arrived at around 9:39 and the waiting line was short. It is one of the city’s main attractions and I highly reccomend it; We were in there for approximetly one hour and we made a quick snack on the museum’s cafe. You can’t take photos in there, and get ready to go up a lot of staircases.

After that, we walked a little bit on the region, grabbed a hot chocolate at Lunchcafé Dialog and hopped on a boat to sail on the canals. It is not a really cheap ride, but you can’t miss it: you will see many important attractions of the city and you can hop on and off wherever you want.

Amsterdam Canals

We got off the boat at Max Euweplein and had lunch at Hard Rock Cafe Amsterdam; The food – as usual – was really good and our waiter was a really nice guy who had lived in Brazil and told us some really fun stories. Right on the other side of the street is the beggining of Vondelpark. Since it was winter, we didn’t get to see a lot of flowers or something colorful, but it still is a really pretty place that you should check out.

By this time, it was already 3:30pm and the sun was starting to go down; We walked around town for a little bit until we found a tram station and went back to Dam Square, but this time it was way more empty and we could really aprecciate the beauty of the place. In there you can find the Nationaal Monument, a really nice place to take a picture at, De Bijenkorf, which is kind of a Macy’s but with more expensive brands, Kininklijk Paleis Amsterdam and the Royal Palace of Amsterdam.

Dam Square

Around this time, the stores on the region were still open, so we walked a little bit on the streets to see if we could find anything nice – which didn’t happen. We made a quick stop at Starbucks to have dinner and went back to the hotel. A little bit later we wen’t to Primark, a really popular store in Europe and made some purchases. The hallway in which the Dam store’s entrance is located is simply gorgeous.

Day two:

We started the day at Museumplein, somewhat of a square with a few museums. We took a few photos on the famous IAmsterdam sign and went to the Van Gogh museum. Not only does it have really nice artpieces from the artist, the museum also has a really nice architecture and a really nice cafe in which we stopped later. We then walked to Bloemenmarkt, a really popular flowershop; We didn’t buy anything but it was nice to just walk around and visit the place. We took a few more photos and walked to Kalverstraat, a street with stores of all kinds.


Really near there, we stopped at ProVelo Amsterdam and rented four bicycles. I don’t really have a lot to talk about the store or what to compare it with. We biked a little bit around the region, until Magere Brug, a bridge on the city’s central region. We biked back to ProVelo and returned the bicycles.

In the same street, it is located Begijnhof, a kind of garden, with a church and some small buildings which will transport you to a different time – more than Europe does by itself. Visiting this place doesn’t take too much time, you can see everything in around 15 minutes and it is free. We stopped at the Old Dutch Pancake House, a small pancake shop in Bloemenmarkt, really good restaurant, with a really nice atmosphere, but they didn’t take credit cards and didn’t tell us before we ate.


At was almost nightime, so we got a tram to the hotel region and walked a bit more until we got there. We had dinner at Humphrey’s Restaurant, really good food, but they serve in a three course meal which isn’t something me and my family like.

After that, me and my dad decided to go to Body Worlds, a really popular museum in many different cities, and basically shows a bit of the human body’s anatomy and the way it functions, using which are supposedly real corpses. I thought the experience was really nice, but I wouldn’t say it is something you can’t miss. We stopped in a drugstore on the way back, bought a few chocolates and ended our day.

Day three

We started off the third day at Rembrandt’s House, a house in which the painter Rembrandt lived and painted around 1630’s; A really interesting and quick attraction. We walked a bit around Waterlooplein Market, somewhat of a street marked we found near the place. We wondered a bit around the region, because, in my opinion, there isn’t anything better than simply walking around in a different city. We stopped at Blawbrug Bridge, took a few photos and stopped at a Starbucks for a quick lunch.

We went back to Museumplein, and this time went to Rijksmuseum, or National Museum of the Netherlands. First of all, I fell in love with the place’s architecture, and the masterpieces are also pretty nice. As it is really big, we only saw the places where there were popular paintings.

We took a lot of photos in front of the place, looked around the square a bit and took a few more photos next to IAmsterdam. We made a quick snack at Cobra Café, a cafe next to the monument – I didn’t really like the way we were treated, but it wasn’t anything terrible and my hot chocolate was really good.

IAmsterdam and Rijksmuseum

On the way back, on the beggining of the night, we walked a bit around Red Light District and stopped at the hotel to rest for a few minutes. We walked at Dam a bit more, ate the famous french fries in the cone at Manneken Pis and went in Bijenkorf, but got out of there quickly because none of us really like that kind of store.

We walked a bit further and had dinner at Downtown Burguer: I ate some pasta which was pretty good.

To finish our visit to the city, we got a bit lost on the way back, which made us make a unecessarily big walk, but it was still fun!

And that was all we did in our time in Amsterdam, on the next day we got a train to the airport and rented a car; Driving back to the hotel and getting the bags was quite a challenge, but we made it. I hope you enjoyed, see you soon, byye!


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